Avant Constructions undertakes all elements of the CPM (Construction Project Management) through planning, coordination, procurement and construction with a strong focus on client relationships. Avant Constructions implements our accredited Safety, Environmental and Quality Management Systems on each of our projects to ensure the best service and end product.


Avant Constructions facilitates conceptual design brief, design procurement and engagement of consultants including regulatory approvals, to initiate the CPM (construction project management) process. Our construction project management will ensure the planning, organising and controlling of the project to our Safety, Quality and Environmental accredited systems.



Avant Constructions facilitates the monitoring and supervision of key trades and contractors. This includes reviewing safety, environmental, and insurance documentation, supervision and defects management. As a contractor manager Avant Constructions will take the headache and risk from the client to ensure the highest quality in construction delivery.


Avant Constructions minor works and maintenance service allows us to take on smaller size projects and maintenance in any facility utilising the full resources of the organisation.  Our works range from ongoing facilities maintenance such as landscaping to remedial works such as call-out carpentry, painting, patch-up or glazing works.  For more information click here


Avant Constructions has integrated key service divisions into our operations, these including a High Quality Joinery and Cabinet Making Workshop, and a Steel and Metal Fabrication Workshop. These divisions allow Avant to control quality, competiveness and service for our clients. For more information click here